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Empowering people by showing them the financial landscape that transcends boundaries


WhipLash347 is dedicated to unraveling the truth and catalyzing positive disruption. With a passionate commitment to transparency, he, with the help of his support team and asset managers, pioneer the introduction of cutting-edge technologies, concepts and systems, ushering in a brave beautiful future where flawless, near instant cross-border payments become reality using The Stellar Network.


Get help and support with your LOBSTR wallet, tokens and gain access to a wealth of knowledge and training.

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Through unwavering dedication, WhipLash347 aims to empower the world by introducing the people to the transformative financial landscape that transcends boundaries and enhances global connectivity using the Stellar network and the LOBSTR wallet.

Collaborating with Corporate Giants such as MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore), Reliance, GoldmanSachs and R3, WhipLash347 pioneers a visionary path to tokenize success for all.

Together, they're on a mission to unlock ICO opportunities, extending the benefits of this transformative technology to the masses worldwide.

In this alliance, WhipLash347 and his partners propel the accessibility of innovation, fostering a worldwide ecosystem where everyone can participate in the exciting future of cross-border payments and fractional ownership of shares, stocks and assets by teaching, supporting and guiding everyone from beginners to pros through the process.